How to get free sessions? How does the Referral system work?

Free sessions / Referrals:

·         By clicking the Free Sessions option on your left-hand side menu, you will be taken to a page that deals with referrals and related information.

·         When you refer Interview Buddy to your friends and colleagues, you can earn free sessions and other referral benefits.

·         This means that if your friend signs up for Interview Buddy using your referral code, and then subscribes to a package, you will earn a referral bonus of 25% of the base value of the package into your account.

·         Note that if your friend signs up only for the free sessions, the referral bonus will not pass into your account. They need to subscribe to a package.

·         On the Free Sessions page, is a list of all your referrals, displaying the name of your friend, their Email IDs and the date of their joining. 

·         On the right-hand side, you will find the referral code and URL that you need to share with your friends to earn the bonus.

·         Interview Buddy lets you share to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via your mail. On clicking one of these sites, you will find a section to write what you want about our service before sharing it with your friends.


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