What is the Special Package?

Special Packages:

If you cannot make it to a particular session scheduled for later and would like to attend it within the next one hour of the current session, you can subscribe to a special package that lets you access open slots that are available in the next one hour. To subscribe to a special package:

1.       Click on the settings option on your right-hand side menu.

2.       Under the User Subscription Details, you will find a yellow tab that reads ‘Get Special Package’.

3.       Clicking on this will display the credits that are required to buy a special package.

4.       Click on the green Buy Special Package tab.

5.       This will open a pop-up that displays the payment details, along with the amount to be paid.

6.       Click on the green ‘Next’ button that will take you to our payment gateway within the app.

7.       Proceed with the transaction.  

8.       Remember, you can buy a special package only after subscribing to a regular package.

9.       You can’t cancel a session made with a special package later.

10.   This is a one-time option, meaning that after attending a session with your special package, you can’t use the package to book another session. For this, you’ll have to buy another special package.

11.   The special package lets you access a session that is available within an hour of the payment time.

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