How can I reset my password?

What to do if you forget your password:

1.       On the homepage, you will find a “Forgot password’ option. Click on it.

2.       You will now be given the option to reset your password.

3.       In the box provided, enter the email ID that you had used while creating your account.

4.       On the top right-hand corner of your monitor, you will find a green confirmation message that says ‘Please check your email for password reset link’.

5.       Log in to your email account.

6.       We will send you an email that reads ‘You requested to reset your Interview Buddy account password. If you wish to continue, visit’ followed by a link.

7.       Click on the link.

8.       This takes you to a page that asks you to enter a new password and confirm it a second time. Enter the same password for both carefully.

9.       On the top right-hand corner of the page, a green confirmation message will appear meaning that your new password is now functional.

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