Can I test my setup before my scheduled session?

Testing Setup:

1.       To test your setup before the session, click on the Settings tab under the right-hand side menu.

2.       Click on the ‘Test My Setup/Practise’ option under the User Details section.

3.       In the left corner of you screen, a dialogue box will appear that reads ‘interview Buddy needs access to your microphone and camera’. Click on Allow.

4.       If you don’t receive the above message, look at the address bar of your screen. There will be an icon of a video-camera with a red cross on it. Click on this icon. Select the ‘Always allow to access your microphone and camera’ option and click ‘Done’.

5.       The interface is similar to that of Skype, meaning you will have 2 windows-one where you can see yourself and the other for the service provider.

6.       You should now be able to see yourself in the smaller box, which means your camera is working fine.

7.       Below this is an icon in the shape of a camera. Click on it and select either HD or SD depending on whether you want high definition or standard definition resolution for your webcam.

8.       On the bottom right of the screen you will find a common notepad that will be visible to both the parties.

9.       Additionally, we have also provided you with a scribbling pad to take down notes in.

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