How to Book a Session?

How to Book a Session:

1.       On your dashboard, you will find the ‘Book Session’ option under the ‘Getting Started’ tab. Click on this.

2.       You will be taken to a page displaying the available sessions on a calendar. Choose one according to the availability. 

3.       To book the session, click on the green button that displays time of the session along with the number of slots left.

4.       This takes you to a page displaying the slot time and type of session. Click on ‘Book slot’.

5.       You will see a green confirmation message on the top right-hand corner of your page that reads ‘Session booked for the selected slot’.


·         Remember, you can book a session only after you complete your profile. If you haven’t, do it before trying to book. 

·         Additionally, keep in mind that booking sessions are on a first come, first serve basis.

·         You can book a session 48 hours before the session starts. This means that you can’t book a session if it is to happen an hour after you book it.

·         We do not let the users pick the service providers. Each and every service provider is of equal calibre and capability so you can be assured that you’re always in good hands.

·         If there are a number of slots available at one particular time, this means that there are an equal number of service providers, and not one service provider handling all the sessions.

·         Cancellation policy: You can cancel any session that you have booked 72 hours prior to the start time of the session. Otherwise, you will lose 25% of credits from the base value.

If you cancel your session 12 hours before the start time of the session, you will lose 50% of credits from the base value. 

You cannot cancel a session 12 hours prior to the session.

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