How to Subscribe to a Package

How to Subscribe to a Package:

1.       On your dashboard, you will find an option ‘Subscribe Package’ under the ‘Getting Started’ tab. Click on it.

2.       Based on whether you would like 1, 2 or 3 sessions in your package, choose a suitable package and hit ‘Subscribe’.

3.       This will take you to a page with the package details. 

4.       Click the option ‘Calculate credits’ to determine how many more credits you need to subscribe to this package.

5.       Click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. 

6.       This will direct you to our payment gateway within the app itself. Our payment gateway partner is InstaMojo.

7.       After the payment and transaction, you will be taken to our dashboard again.

8.       Check your inbox for a confirmation email from InstaMojo.


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